Valley View Primary School

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Head teacher Mrs Jeynes

Valley View Primary School, Lambton Terrace,  Jarrow,  Tyne And Wear, NE32 5QT   

Telephone  0191 4249977      Fax  0191 4249966

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week takes place on 18-22 November 2013

with a focus on cyber bullying.  All children and young people

across school will be focusing on anti-bullying activities to ensure

they are equipped to recognise and challenge bullying behaviour

wherever it happens - whether face to face or in cyberspace.

Year 4 made ‘Bully-Proof Shields’ which involved them looking at a set of values that the whole class can agree to. It also encouraged them to consider why it’s important that they are kind to, and supportive of, each other. They used their creative skills to ensure that their shields were vibrant and impressive so that they can put them on display.

Years 5 and 6 Topic

Years 5 and 6 have been learning about Tudor Explorers. They have visited HMS Trincomalee to learn about life on a sailing ship and have planned, designed and made fabulous models of the ships sailed by Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh.