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Mrs Allen

Miss Linfoot

Mrs Harding

Miss Vaatstra

Winter Gardens, Sunderland.

Y3 & Y4 had a fabulous time at the Winter Gardens in Sunderland. We spotted lots of creatures and found out lots about the different habitats within the Rainforest. We now know how many children the 10ft snake might have eaten for his dinner! (3). The Museum is free to visit should you wish to return another time for the children to share their learning.

Year 3

Head teacher Mrs Jeynes

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Autumn Walk To Help Our Writing

Year 3 walked around Valley View Park to collect ideas for their Autumn writing as a part of a whole-school literacy initiative. They collected leaves, trampled through the muddy grass and observed a variety of animals in their natural habitat. When returning to school, the children were able to express their thoughts in writing, choosing their own genre to share their Autumn experiences.

Hi-tech drawings

Year 3 are currently using the ipads for their ICT lessons. They’re producing e-books about the rainforest and as part of that have drawn some pictures of cocao trees in the South American jungle.